JoyPlus Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed company, possessing extensive knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in conceptualizing and execution of Individual & Group Packages, Air Tickets, Corporate tours, Hotels, Visa, Business/ Trade delegations, Seminars & Conferences, Events with a difference, both in India and across the world. The most rewarding experience one can have in their life is ‘Exploring the World’. Creating memories, digging out the history of new place has been one of the exciting things one will remember in their entire life. But carving a plan for the trip can be tremendously frustrating. And it could take a toll on head when you don’t know from where to begin. We do understand our customers travel need and accordingly deliver the best through meticulous planning. Our travel counsellors assist the customers through the entire process right from the time they drop in for the initial inquiry until the end of their journey.

JoyPlus Holidays is your one stop travel house. We are not just a name but we are commitment. We aim to provide an enriching traveller’s experience and want us to be the pioneer of India's Travel Planner. Reaching us through our website or mobile i.e. www.joyplusholidays.com. Leisure and business travellers across the nation can explore & research, compare the prices and book a wide range of services suitable to your travel needs.


Our team is dedicated to ensure a superior and enriching user experience on our web platform keeping in mind the critical component that is Customer Service. We are available and provide customer support to all the users at all stages of their journey with us right from – before, during and after the trip.
We pay attention and special care of all our clients and cater to all the needs of a modern traveller or family thus, providing all types of assistance. Our team looks for and explain the clients with carefully customized comprehensive travel packages which keenly focus on their unique objectives of trip. Our team keeps in mind the client’s conditions right from effective cost management plans & strategies, Implementation of travel policy along with the management or effective customer service commitment; Joyplus Holidays has a solution for every client’s need.


A unique work culture that defines our service quality and helps us deliver our best on tour and off tour; balanced by an efficient customer care system that goes out of their way to listen, support & guide.


This is the most exciting part of our multiple roles where we modify trips for our customers adhering to their specifications and location preference. Our team guide and answer all the queries they have related to the several holiday tours package and holiday plan to make the family or business trip a worthwhile. What we have for you is:

  • Customized Packages according to your requirements
  • Honeymoon Packages for the newly wed couples
  • Holiday Package if you are a solo traveller
  • Family Trip to make the excursion a memorable one

Our Vision: Be the world’s most trusted and innovative travel management company.

Our Mission: We believe that our customer is an extension of our own families we don't want to leave any stone unturned in ensuring their comfort, safety and happiness which matters a lot.


There are certain services that make us most different. Which gives us the status of beging the number one travel agent.

Quick Response

Once you get connected with us and enquiry about your trip, we assure you prompt reply by one of our experts, assigned especially for you.

Competitive Price

We have direct contacts with Hotels/Resorts & having special competitive rates which ensures the quote we offer to you are best calculated & competitive in the market.

Best Services

We provide the camp which our team has already visited well examine the services, their location & food quality. You would find him very polite throughout the journey that ensures a comfortable trip for you.

24x7 Assistance

We all as a team get connected with you directly and our team is always at your disposal for any emergency.

Personalized Attention

We assure value for money & full enjoyments with due care for our clients as to achieve the level of your satisfaction is our motto.

Easy Payment Terms

Once you accept our offer and confirm your holiday package with us, we require some token payment just confirm your booking and you can come and pay the remaining amount to the hotel.