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The Golden Triangle of north India is one of the most popular and well-received tourist circuits in the country. The tour basically covers three of the most vibrant, beautiful and amazing cities of India. Delhi, the country capital over decades, Agra- the seat of power during much of Mughal rule and home to the spectacular Taj Mahal, and Jaipur - the Rajasthani Capital with its traditions of chivalry and valour.

Anyone even slightly acquainted with India would know that she has no one face, no single image. With a full acknowledgement of this reality, the golden triangle tour has been structured in a manner that includes some of her best images and at the same time captures her diversity.

Destination Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Delhi 13.5°C 16.9°C 22.5°C 29.2°C 32.7°C 33°C 29.9°C 28.7°C 27.8°C 25.4°C 20.5°C 15.4°C
Agra 14.1°C 17.8°C 23.7°C 29.9°C 33.4°C 33.5°C 29.9°C 28.6°C 28.2°C 26.1°C 21.2°C 15.9°C
Jaipur 14.6°C 18.3°C 24.1°C 30°C 33.6°C 33°C 29.1°C 27.4°C 27.8°C 26.1°C 21.2°C 16.2°C

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