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Vasco da Gama’s discovery of India for the western world began with his first step in this land. God’s own Country, Kerala, leaves so many visitors spellbound. The record has peaked and Kerala has managed to top the numbers every year. Kerala manages to satisfy all the desires to escape into pure nature. With the classic backwaters and leisurely feels of the destination, it has always been the traveller’s favourite choice. 

From popular hotspots in Kerala like Cochin, Munnar, Periyar and Thiruvananthapuram to a little off beat location of Kottayam and even one of the most revered pilgrim places in India - Guruvayoor, we bring you the best deals at the best prices with our Kerala tour packages.

Destination Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cochin 26.5°C 27.3°C 28.2°C 28.1°C 27.3°C 25.9°C 25.5°C 25.4°C 25.8°C 26°C 26.2°C 26.2°C
Munnar 17.8°C 18.9°C 20.2°C 20.4°C 19.7°C 18.3°C 17.8°C 17.8°C 18°C 18.1°C 17.9°C 17.6°C
Thekkady 21.7°C 23.2°C 24.6°C 24.5°C 23.5°C 22.1°C 21.7°C 21.6°C 21.9°C 21.9°C 21.7°C 21.3°C
Alleppey 26.5°C 27.5°C 28.4°C 28.1°C 27.4°C 26°C 25.5°C 25.5°C 25.8°C 26°C 26.1°C 26.1°C
Kovalam 25.6°C 26.1°C 26.8°C 27.1°C 26.8°C 25.6°C 25.1°C 25.1°C 25.4°C 25.6°C 25.6°C 25.6°C

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