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Architectural wonders, exquisite handicrafts, colourful culture, and tempting cuisine are a few of the many highlights of this magnificent state. Set amidst a vast desert, the magical land of Rajasthan is synonymous with romance and chivalry. As one of the best travel agency in India, we at JoyPlus Holidays take immense pride in helping you explore royalty like never before. With our Rajasthan tour packages, travel back in time and in the era of the reign of the crown. 

Feel their tradition and culture like your own! A complete Rajasthan package includes options like exploring luxurious palaces, witnessing vintage cars, enjoying camel safaris in golden sand dunes, a fun shopping time in Jaipur Bazars, and embarking on a tiger safari in the wild forests of the state. Our Rajasthan holiday packages give you a glimpse of the Rajasthani folk music, dances, cuisine, puppet show called Katputhli, many remarkable forts, temples, and the splendid, opulent Rajput culture.

Destination Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Udaipur 16.3°C 19.2°C 24.2°C 29.2°C 31.5°C 29.7°C 25.9°C 24.7°C 25.1°C 24.9°C 21.5°C 17.5°C
Jaipur 14.6°C 18.3°C 24.1°C 30°C 33.6°C 33°C 29.1°C 27.4°C 27.8°C 26.1°C 21.2°C 16.2°C
Pushkar 15.2°C 18.6°C 24.3°C 29.9°C 33°C 32.2°C 28.6°C 26.6°C 27.2°C 26.1°C 21.4°C 16.7°C
Jodhpur 16.6°C 19.9°C 25.6°C 31.1°C 34°C 33.4°C 30.3°C 28.2°C 29.3°C 28.1°C 22.9°C 18.1°C
Jaisalmer 15.9°C 19.5°C 25.8°C 31.4°C 34.2°C 33.9°C 32°C 30.3°C 30.6°C 29.4°C 23.5°C 17.6°C
Bikaner 14.7°C 18.7°C 25.1°C 31.1°C 34.9°C 35.1°C 32.5°C 30.8°C 31.3°C 28.9°C 22.6°C 16.6°C

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