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  • 31 July 2023

Jaisalmer, located in the western part of Rajasthan, is widely renowned as the "Golden City" owing to its captivating setting amidst the Thar Desert, ancient forts, temples, and more. This unique destination offers a diverse array of attractions, ranging from majestic forts and temples to serene lakes and the vast expanse of the Thar Desert. The Thar Desert, in particular, stands as a major highlight of Jaisalmer, and a camel safari in this desert is an experience not to be missed.

The city boasts numerous old monuments that vividly portray the grandeur of the Rajasthan Kingdom's rule. With its wealth of forts and ancient structures, Jaisalmer has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stands as an excellent place to immerse oneself in the desert's charm, explore historical treasures, and appreciate the distinctive architectural style of the Rajasthani culture.

Here are few of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer :-

Jaisalmer Fort


Jaisalmer Fort, situated atop Trikuta Hill, stands as the second largest fort in Rajasthan. Erected by the Rajput Ruler Rao Jaisal in 1156, this fort holds significant historical importance and serves as a focal point of Jaisalmer's tourism, boasting a distinctive architectural style and a glorious past. Throughout history, numerous battles took place within its walls, and it witnessed the rule of Muslim rulers as well. Locally known as the "Golden Fort" or "Sonar Quila," it derives its name from the enchanting golden hue it exudes during sunset.


Within the fort, visitors can explore various captivating attractions, including the Laxminath Shrine, Raj Mahal Jaintemples, Merchant Havelis, and the mesmerizing gateways. The fort's formidable walls, reaching a towering height of 250 feet, are constructed from sandstone, adding to its allure. These remarkable features make Jaisalmer Fort a must-visit destination for tourists seeking a glimpse into the rich history and architectural marvels of the region.



Sam Sand Dunes

As we are aware, Jaisalmer is a desert city nestled in Rajasthan, surrounded by the vast Thar desert. A visit to Jaisalmer is incomplete without experiencing the beauty of Sam Sand Dunes. Here, you can witness sand dunes reaching impressive heights of 30 to 60 meters, making Sam Sand Dunes the largest sand dunes site in India. Located 45 kilometers to the west of Jaisalmer city, this desert area is renowned for its captivating safaris, which attract a significant number of tourists. Whether by jeeps or camels, visitors can enjoy various safaris to explore the enchanting landscape.

Cultural activities thrive in the desert camps set up near Sam Sand Dunes, with various camps situated within a radius of 2 to 3 kilometers from the dunes. Among the popular desert camps to stay are Rajputana Desert Camp, K Resort and Camp, and the Dangri Desert Camp.

For the most enchanting experience, the best time to relish the ambiance of Sam Sand Dunes is during the sunset from 4 to 7 PM or at sunrise between 4 to 6 AM. Embrace the beauty of the desert as you indulge in camel rides or jeep safaris. Adventurous spirits can also partake in activities like camel safari, jeep safari, and even paragliding to add excitement to their visit.



Gadsisar Lake


Gadsisar Lake, an artificial lake constructed by Maharaja Maharwal Gadsi Singh, served as a vital rainwater harvesting reservoir during ancient times, providing water to the entire city of Jaisalmer. Today, it remains a renowned tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world. This serene and tranquil place, situated on the outskirts of Jaisalmer, offers an ideal environment for relaxation and peaceful contemplation.

The lake's appeal lies in its abundance of seasonal birds, attracting numerous photographers and birdwatchers, especially during the monsoon season when a large number of avian species flock to its shores. Tourists can also indulge in the beauty of the lake by taking a boat ride. Surrounding the lake are charming gardens and intricately carved cenotaphs, further enhancing its allure.

Exploring Gadsisar Lake while strolling around its periphery allows visitors to fully appreciate its natural beauty and charm. Without a doubt, Gadsisar Lake is one of the best places for leisure and relaxation among the captivating tourist spots in Jaisalmer.


Patwon-Ki-Haveli stands as a renowned tourist destination in Jaisalmer, comprised of five distinct Havelis. This Haveli holds immense significance for its architectural style and stunning designs, showcasing the arts, paintings, artifacts, and crafts of a bygone era. Among the attractions within the Haveli, Kothari's Patwa Haveli stands out as a famous jewelry and brocade trader, earning the collective name "Mansion of Brocade Merchants" for Patwon-Ki-Haveli.

The complex of these five Havelis is particularly renowned for its architectural brilliance, featuring captivating carvings, intricate miniature designs, and exquisite mirror work. Visiting this Haveli provides a splendid opportunity to experience the architectural style of the past, offering insights into the grandeur and beauty of bygone days.




Nathmal-Ki-Haveli, another renowned gem in the city of Jaisalmer, was once the residence of the prime ministers of Jaisalmer. It came into existence when the prime minister of that era commissioned two brothers named Hathi and Lulu to construct the Haveli. Despite their striking resemblance, a closer observation reveals that the left and right wings they built are not entirely identical. The Haveli stands out for its mesmerizing exterior design adorned with intricate carvings.

The main highlight of Nathmal-Ki-Haveli is the exquisite paintings found on the first floor, crafted using approximately 1.5 kilograms of gold leaf. As skilled Muslim jewellers, the two brothers masterfully carved these captivating artworks. Among the prominent attractions are depictions of horses, cattle, and flora adorning the pillars and walls. Surprisingly, the brothers engraved images of cars and fans on the walls without ever having seen such modern objects. These captivating and exceptional features make Nathmal-Ki-Haveli a truly fascinating and famous destination.


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